Was it a dipstick to know what I feel or was it a mantra to revive my spirit?

I enter out of the lift and am about to punch my finger at the biometric time keeping system.

A look at the office door, I see some hangings from the ceiling. I punch the finger and enter to read “Let’s Connect!”

Bhavya-Banga-4OK! Connect to whom? So, I continue to see a series of such hangings and finally reach my work station that has a sticky reading ‘Let’s Connect again’! I am confused. Not just me so are my neighbours at work and their neighbours and everybody walking in. We are fidgeting with the sticky, and crack a few jokes over it potentially being a ‘we don’t know what’ and assumptions of all sorts.

Moving on, I switch on my machine and guess what…? My machine’s start page asks me to Connect too.. Well and then my mailbox has an email which asks me “What connects you to Eli?” The mail tells me there’s a flipchart on the floor and I can go write what connects me to the organization I work for.

I see a zillion thoughts run on my mind… some I could voice, some I was scared to voice and some I knew if voiced could do me a world of good! After much thought I decided to pen down what really connects me with Eli. I thought to myself, “Common! good and bad is part of every set up but because I am sticking around here means there’s something so wonderful with this place”. So, I set thinking and to my surprise I found a hundred things I could thank Eli for.

It gives me the freedom to operate my daily job with an entrepreneurial spirit, I like the work culture and it has given me some very dear friends I would cherish for life. I have developed an absolute sense of responsibility for the work I do because I know the organization bestows its trust in me. I am free to bring forth my ideas to the senior management with no fear of being criticised and sure that they’ll patiently hear me, at least think through getting them implemented. It gives me 100% freedom to use my creativity and lateral thinking. I am thankful to the organization for giving me the chance to explore new opportunities and prove my worth. The ‘Let’s do it attitude’ across board has imbibed a positive culture in each one of us, such that it feels like a big family driven by same values and progression.

I realised, it wasn’t just me who felt a little more connected to Eli having penned my thoughts…my colleague had some brilliant things to talk too. Later that day, the evening tea conversation felt a little different. We strived to work not for our individual good but for the shared organizational good. Putting these thoughts on paper altogether revived the spirit of working that was not really lost but had probably lost its zing a minute percentage each day.

If you ask me, it is sustainable employee engagement that connects employees to the organization they work for. The intensity of it can be judged on three parameters of engaged, enabled and energised. Eli India, in my opinion does a lot of it right and as I said there’s no perfect organization. It is us, the people who have the potential of making it perfect.

I feel engaged because of the faith the organization puts in me when it allows me to perform efforts at my sole discretion towards achieving goals. I am enabled as the environment supports my productivity and I am energised because the organization looks at offering me an environment that supports my well being.

Like me, I am sure each one of us have faith in the organization and we know we are given the freedom to be ourselves, take the risks, and challenge the unconventional to emerge out as fine professionals. These are just a few things we don’t realise in our day to day duties, but if given a thought I am sure each one of the employee here has a lot to like about Eli and to connect with Eli.

Bhavya Banga