We are part of Eli Global which is a fast-growing global organization. Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, our group and its affiliates employ 2,000+ employees who work from over a dozen locations on three continents.

Our mission is to build the best content, communities and certifications in the world for specialized interests.

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Why Work at Eli

  • We address each individual on first name basis and treat each person with equal respect.

  • I appreciate that the company runs on the principle of socio-economic mutualism where every employee is empowered…

  • I enjoy the collegiality, the universal good humor and serious smarts of our co-workers, the atmosphere of trust in relations with my supervisor-types.

  • the atmosphere of trust in relations with my supervisor-types


  • Working with Eli has been a wonderful experience. The flexibility in work schedule means that I am able to give 100% to my job as well as to my family...

  • The environment is friendly and helps you balance your professional and personal life…

  • Eli has a very OPEN culture in which employees are encouraged to bring their ideas and all business issues on the discussion table without inhibitions…

  • Unlike other organizations, I find the bosses really approachable and available to help and guide when required.

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